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Frequently Asked Questions

Facility Questions

Q:  Can I have a DJ, jukebox, multimedia system, or “live sound” at my event?

A:  As part of our commitment to the community, we strive to be “good neighbors” to the dwellings and businesses around us.  Therefore, due to high volume levels, we do not allow DJ’s or jukeboxes.  You may have soft background music playing through an audio or multimedia setup provided the TOTAL output of all speakers is 40w or less and audio is kept at a considerate level upon prior request and approval.  Churches or other clients who wish to have “live sound” or musicians playing will need to request prior approval, submit system and usage specs, and may be subject to schedule and volume restrictions.  All requests for prior approval are subject to the sole discretion of management and are given thoughtful consideration on a case-by-case basis.

Q:  Can I use confetti, bubbles, birdseed, party poppers, or “silly stream” at my event?

A:  “Silly Stream” is not permitted.  Bubbles and birdseed must be used outdoors only.  Confetti is only permitted when used as a table decoration and is not to be thrown.  Party poppers are permitted indoors and outdoors (weather permitting).  Any/all of the permitted items must be used in accordance with these guidelines and any/all trash created must be completely cleaned up and removed by the end of the event.  Using “silly stream” or the improper use or clean-up of the other items may result in the loss of part or all of your deposit and could be subject to additional charges if damages are incurred.

Q:  Do I really need to vacuum the hall if I did not serve food?

A:  Yes.  Foot traffic alone can leave debris and wear down the carpet.  It is also a requirement of your rental agreement and can affect the return of all/part of your cleaning deposit.

Q:  Do I need to tear down the tables and chairs after my event?

A:  No. You only need to fold the chairs and place them on top of the tables.  Doing so helps with vacuuming and cleaning up.  However, you may need to set up or remove additional tables and/or chairs, depending on your needs, when you arrive.

Q:  Where do I dispose of trash?

A:  There is a big blue dumpster at the north end of the parking lot for your use.

Q:  Can I use caterers, helpers, or other service providers to aid in setup, execution, and clean up of my event?

A:  Yes.  However, keep these two things in mind: 1) Make sure the facility is properly equipped for their needs.  They can arrange an advance tour or contact us to verify this.  2) The person who signs the rental agreement is SOLEY responsible for meeting its requirements and for any persons actions or inactions at their event.  A few clients have had to return later to complete something another person neglected to do or face loss of part/all of their deposit and other possible costs.  We recommend that you make sure everyone helping you knows and completes their obligations to you to prevent this.

Q:  What is a “service kitchen”?

A:  A service kitchen is one that is intended to be used for warming, chilling, and finishing of food that has been previously prepared and brought to the site.  It can also be used for clean up.  It is not rated as a commercial kitchen and therefore not legally suitable for the commercial or non-commercial “cooking” of food for service.  (In other words, you need to cook your food at home or at your business prior to bringing it to the facility.)  You will need to bring your own utensils and other serving ware as we do not provide those items.

Q: Do you provide catering or any other event services?

A:  We do not have our own catering service.  Upon request, we can offer the names of a few caterers that have used our facilities in the past.  We are unable to make recommendations since we have not used their services ourselves and in the interest of fairness.  We DO OFFER some concession equipment for rental and can refer you to a local non-denominational minister if you are having a wedding and need someone to officiate.  Contact us for more detailed information.

Q:  Can I decorate for my event?

A:  Yes, provided nothing is affixed to the walls, ceilings, fireplace, or other painted surfaces.  You may affix decorations to tables, chairs, counters, glass, and other non-painted surfaces with cello tape, thumbtacks (tables only), or tack-gum provided it is completely removed and the surface is left clean and unharmed.  For large photos, poster boards, and paintings, we have a limited number of easels available for use upon request.

Q:  Can I use candles at my event?

A:  We strongly prefer that you not use lit candles (excluding ones on cakes) at your event.  Unlit candles for decoration are preferred.  If you want the ambiance of candle light, battery operated “flickering” candles are readily available at most party suppliers and home stores.  In the event you still feel you need lit candles, you must obtain prior approval when you make your reservation and take reasonable steps to ensure basic fire-safety protocols are followed.  Keep in mind that you will be solely responsible for the safety of your guests and any damages that could occur to property (ours and others).

Reservation Questions

Q:  Do I need a rider from my insurance company for my event?

A:  For your best interests, you should always consult your insurance agent if you have any questions.For most events, we do not require one from you.However, occasionally, certain types of events and the use of certain equipment may require you obtain a “proof of insurance” form prior to your event.This is rare.In the event one is needed, we will let you know when you make your reservation.

Q:  Is advanced payment required to secure my reservation date?

A:  Yes. Full or partial payment is required to secure your date and keep it from being given to another client.  See the Our Rates section for more info.

Q:  What happens if I turn in the Rental Agreement but cannot pay at that time?

A:  Your date will be listed as "unconfirmed" and shown as TBA on our calendar.  As a courtesy to you, we will attempt to contact you and offer you the chance to secure the date with payment before releasing the date to another client.  If reasonable payment arrangements are not made and/or kept, we will have to release your date.

Q:  Can I just call or email a request for a date and come in later to confirm the date?

A:  Yes, however, unless you make reasonable arrangements to sign the agreement, make a payment and follow through, your date will NOT be held and we will not contact you prior to releasing the date.  Often, several interested parties contact us about the same available dates.  To provide the best customer service and to be fair to all parties concerned, we have adopted a "first come - first served" policy that requires a signed agreement w/payment to secure or "confirm" a date.

Q:  What happens if I need to cancel a date or reschedule after "confirming"?

A:  See our Rules & Contracts section for cancellation policies.  If you need to change your date, we will be happy to try to locate another available date for you.  Except in cases of extreme emergency or other reasonably unavoidable circumstances, the same policies for cancellation apply to rescheduling.  If you have further questions, please contact us directly.